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At Sunrise Dermatology, we offer surgical treatment as an effective solution for skin cancer. Our team of medical professionals uses only cutting-edge technology and techniques for optimal outcomes. From diagnosis to treatment, we are dedicated to outstanding care along the way.

What Causes Skin Cancer?

UV rays cause skin cancer. Over time, UV rays from the sun or tanning beds can damage the DNA of your skin’s cells, causing them to regenerate abnormally and form growths. These growths can spread from the skin into the body and the vital organs, meaning skin cancer can become fatal if not treated right away.

Having 5 or more sunburns can double your risk for melanoma, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. Tanning (even once) can increase your risk of squamous cell carcinoma by 83%. And more people who tan develop skin cancer than people who smoke develop lung cancer. If you spend a lot of time out in the sun for your job or hobbies, or you regularly tan, your risk for skin cancer can be much higher than normal.

What are the Types of Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer can manifest in three different ways, all of which can look different. It’s important to know what to look for during your at-home and in-office skin checks.

Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)

Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of skin cancer. It presents as a bump that is skin-colored, pinkish, or shiny. It usually occurs on areas of the body that experience more sun exposure like the head, neck, or arms.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)

It’s easy to mistake squamous cell carcinomas as sores that don’t heal, or heal and reopen. They can crust or bleed easily, and can feel scaly, bumpy, and firm. They usually form on the face, neck, ears, or torso where you might experience a lot of UV exposure.

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“I was able to get an appointment in a reasonable time. I was in and out in less than a half-hour and that included taking a biopsy and freezing about a dozen pre-cancer sports. They are going to send the results to my dermatologist in Sun City West."

“Great experience, great bedside manner, and attentive staff. Highly recommend."

“Dylan at Hamblin Dermatology was great! My first visit here was just for a skin check. He took his time for addressing my concerns and educating me and office staff were welcoming, helpful, and pleasant. Definitely a 5-star experience and recommendation."

“I had my first visit with Dr. Hamblin and was very impressed with him and his staff! I definitely feel confident with his treatment! I Have already recommended him to several people."

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Melanoma is what most people think of when it comes to skin cancer, but it’s actually the rarest – and deadliest. It can form in your existing moles or look similar to one. You can detect it by tracking changes in your existing moles and seeing your dermatologist regularly for a skin check.

Treating Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is easily treatable when it’s caught early on. The best way to do this is to keep track of any spots on your skin and whether they change, and see your dermatologist for a screening. If your dermatologist detects skin cancer, our team is prepared to help you at every step of the way, from biopsy to treatment to recovery.

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