Skin Cancer Treatments

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If your dermatologist performs a biopsy and determines you’ll need to undergo skin cancer treatment, you have a few options. You’ll discuss the right options for you so you can feel confident in your care plan at our Mesa office.

Mohs Surgery

This is one of the most advanced skin cancer treatments available. During the procedure, your dermatologist will shave away individual layers of skin and examine each under the microscope to check for cancerous activity. Once your dermatologist detects no more cancer, the procedure is complete. The goal is to remove as little healthy skin as possible. It’s best for recurring or large skin cancers, or in areas like the face where you want to spare as much skin as possible and reduce scarring.


Cryotherapy, or freezing, is an effective option for early cancers or actinic keratoses. It works by applying a small amount of a freezing agent like liquid nitrogen to the area, which crystalizes and kills the affected cells. Once the cells thaw, they slough off and the skin heals over. This is performed with a local anesthetic, so you won’t feel anything.

Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy is a newer technology that destroys cancer cells without excising the skin. It includes a course of treatments with a combination of specialized medications and light therapy to damage the cells over time. It can be helpful when paired with other treatment options, as well.

Surgical Excision

This can be the most effective option for removing skin cancers, but can come with the greatest chance of visible scarring. During the procedure, your dermatologist will administer a local anesthetic and then carefully remove the cancerous spot from the skin. Your dermatologist will then take steps to help the skin heal in a way that leaves minimal scarring.

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“I went to Hamblin Dermatology with several concerns. Everyone in the office was kind, cheerful and pleasant to work with. I was well taken care of."

“All the staff was very friendly and helpful, and Dr. Hamblin was very personable."

“I was impressed with the competence and professionalism of Dr. Hamblin and his staff. They diagnosed my problem and performed a surgical intervention thoroughly, being very careful to protect the medical and cosmetic results. I consider myself to be very lucky to have found Hamblin Dermatology based on the recommendation of my personal physician."

“I was able to get an appointment in a reasonable time. I was in and out in less than a half-hour and that included taking a biopsy and freezing about a dozen pre-cancer sports. They are going to send the results to my dermatologist in Sun City West."

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